Protocol Layer

NIX Platform uses an environmentally friendly and secure Lease Proof-of-Stake (LPoS) consensus on the latest Bitcoin Core Protocol (current 0.17), with its own revolutionary Ghost Protocol as the backbone.

The Ghost Protocol is a unique, complex and fluid arrangement of sub-protocols including Sigma, Commitment Key Packs, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Tor, and Dandelion.

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Utilization Layer

The utilization layer performs the complex tasks in the background while presenting streamlined, aesthetically pleasing interfaces on the front-end. Simple to use applications have been deployed with the core focus around user experience (UX).

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Communication Layer

The communication layer integrates blockchain platforms with legacy systems, allowing for dApp’s or ICO’s built on the NIX network to access various blockchains in a privacy agnostic fashion. This is facilitated through cross-chain privatized atomic swaps.

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dApp Layer

The dApp layer consists of decentralized applications running on top of the NIX network, giving developers and end users option of utilizing NIX’s unique privacy protocol layer.

DApps economize digital resources, providing a way to monetize what has been previously been very difficult to do. The NIX dApp layer provides the option of full privacy for all of these digital assets utilizing NIX privacy protocols.

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