Make Bitcoin, altcoins and tokens private with NIX

NIX Platform combines Atomic Swaps and privacy using our unique, innovative Ghost Protocol to provide the world with a truly anonymous and decentralized transfer of assets for the cross-chain era.

What is NIX?

NIX platform will be the first privacy-based decentralized exchange manager. This system will solve privacy layers among DEX trading, creating a security layer for any protocol and tradeable asset through a multi-tiered trading structure. NIX will bridge communication between external DEX’s to create privacy elements among all and any compatible ecosystems.

Introduction and Concept

How does it work?

NIX is powered by the NIX Ghost Protocol, which involves the best technology on the market, including the Zerocoin protocol, Stealth Outputs, TOR/i2p network protection, Bulletproofs, and more. The trading process for the DEX manager is simple: Coin A is swapped to NIX, then the Ghost Protocol is applied, offering privacy and un-traceability to finally re-swap these NIX coins into coin B and have it sent to the new user through privacy smart contracts on the NIX network.

Discover the Ghost Protocol

NIX Ghost Vault

Ghost Vault is the first NIX privacy feature based on the Ghost Protocol that makes user’s coins completely private from the chain. The procedure for ghosting NIX is simple and can be performed at any time, so users can transfer NIX from the wallet to the vault and progressively send them to a new location leaving no traces.

Learn about the Ghost Vault

Technical notes

NIX will adopt multiple privacy mechanisms, scaling solutions, privacy smart contract integration, sidechain utilities, and ease of use towards the end consumer specifically in speed and environment. To learn more about the specifics of the technical implementation, please see the NIX whitepaper.

Read the whitepaper

Project roadmap

Launch Mainnet

Deploy the NIX mainnet coupled with the Ghost Protocol and active Ghost Nodes.

Launch NIX UI

Release user friendly and highly adaptable UI for consumer use.

Mobile wallets

Copay mobile wallets with basic transaction functions, then with Ghost Protocol integration.

Dex Manager

Develop and release NIX Platform Dex Manager v1.0 with Blocknet protocol layer and continue further DEX integrations.

Download the wallet

NIX wallet for Windows
NIX Core version 2.0.3

Released on September 26th, 2018

Download for Windows
NIX wallet for Mac
NIX Core version 2.0.3

Released on September 26th, 2018

Download for Mac
NIX wallet for Linux x64
NIX Core version 2.0.3

Released on September 26th, 2018

Download for Linux x64
Download on Github

Team and contributors

Matthew Tawil
Lead Core Developer

United States of America

Pieter Hamels




Mario T.
Research & Development


Security & Development

United States of America

Naeem Master
Project Manager

United Kingdom

Tom C.
Community Support

United States of America

UX Advisor

United Kingdom

Kendry F.
PR & Editor


Joshua Munn

United States of America

Jeremy Rollins
Merchandise Manager

United States of America

Cornelis Hoeksma
Community Planner




Mauro Hernandez


Mikheil Nems


Art & Design Specialist

United States of America

Michael B.
Community Engagement


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