NIX Platform has evolved!

We recently announced that NIX Platform has been rebranded to with the aim of better representing the refined positioning of the project, which is as a dual-token ZK-Rollup ecosystem with an easy-to-use DEX, being driven forward by an exciting DAO. The move also coincides with a shift from regularly inflating coin supply to deflationary tokenomics.

We’re launching a DEX called Mute Switch and an intuitive governance app called Voice Control, where holders get to take control of the DAO.

NIX becomes MUTE!

NIX and its blockchain is retiring and will cease to exist after the 4-month swap window. MUTE will exist as an ERC-20 token on the Etherum network. This grants the project closer positioning to the world of DeFi and will expedite the launch of Mute Switch – our new ‘PriFi’ DEX, built on the new ZK-Rollup Ecosystem.

Block rewards will no longer exist with the tokenomics moving to a ‘Buyback and Build’ system and once the swap period concludes, the circulating supply will equal total supply.

NBT becomes VOICE!

NBT, known as NIX Bridge Token, has been rebranded to form a more integrated component of the new Mute ecosystem. Now known as VOICE, the new branding has a better fit within the project for several reasons. We like the idea of people having a voice and that’s what this project is all about – users themselves driving the direction of the DAO.

The Voice Control dapp is close to being released and will be the first piece of the puzzle released on the new website.

How to move over to MUTE/VOICE?

NBT holders do not have to do anything – the contract has been renamed meaning no action is required. However, if you’re still seeing NBT in your wallet, then hide/remove the token from view, then re-add the contract address again to see the VOICE branding.

NIX holders need to perform the token swap to MUTE. An official video guide will be released soon to compliment the written guide.  Coins remaining on the old chain after closure will be lost, so it’s advisable to swap ASAP. Metamask, Flare Wallet or a compatible web3 wallet is required.

What are the new social channels?

We’ve renamed our socials so if you were following NIX Platform previously, then you should already see the Mute branding in place.





Non-custodial, meaning no centralized servers – you stay in full control


Launch your Ghostnodes on the move, directly within Flare Wallet

Instant Swaps

Easily swap over 250 coins for NIX directly within Flare Wallet

Mobile Staking

Get passive income by staking NIX through LPoS on your mobile. Easy!

Introducing Flare Wallet, the first DApp utilizing the NIX Ghost Protocol. Desktop and mobile apps for all platforms available now – visit the Flare website to learn more: