NIX Platform – Total Privacy For All

NIX Platform is a next generation privacy currency and multi-layered interoperability platform which fuels anonymity-focused decentralized applications (dApps), privacy swaps and smart contracts, providing the option of adding a best-in-class privacy layer to any blockchain.

Optional Privacy with Addressless Transactions

Our unique Ghost Protocol delivers a best-in-class privacy option for any scenario while remaining accessible and simple to use. Watch how the Ghost Vault and 2-Way-Ghosting are here to make privacy worth using.

Earn Rewards Easily with Staking & LPoS

Standard in-wallet staking is extremely easy, but the real innovation is with LPoS. Service providers take care of everything while your coins remain in your complete control – no need to leave your computer running to earn rewards.

Ghostnodes are Next Generation Masternodes

Ghostnodes act to validate privacy transactions on the NIX blockchain, typically providing a higher return than staking from block rewards. Additionally, all fees generated from privacy transactions are distributed daily by smart contract.

Develop Easily on NIX with the JavaScript SDK

The introduction of NIX’s cross-platform JavaScript SDK allows developers to access all the functions and tools available within the NIX Platform. Make explorers, data analytic sites and privacy-focused DApps with ease.

You Have a Voice with Off-Chain Governance

A lightweight off-chain mechanism provides the NIX ecosystem with a verifiable proposal/voting governance system, allowing development funds to be requested by anyone, voted for approval by active stakers and ghostnode holders.

Join our Active Community!

Join our active, fast growing community on Discord for expert knowledge, games and community engagement.  The Ghost Squad has competitions, missions and rain distribution meaning the more involved you get with the community, the more NIX you earn – and you can withdraw to a wallet immediately.  Don’t miss out!

Multi-Layer Privacy

NIX’s architecture is fundamentally multi-layered by design, built over four key layers:

  • The Protocol Layer: the consensus mechanisms and privacy protocol
  • The Utilization Layer: tools and features
  • The Communication Layer: interoperability between chains
  • The dApp Layer: dApp development and use cases
Read More About NIX’s Technology

NIX Documentation

NIX Platform adopts multiple privacy mechanisms, scaling solutions, privacy smart contract integration, sidechain utilities, and ease of use towards the end user. Explore the specifics of NIX’s technical implementation or browse our substantial Knowledge Base over at our Wiki site.

NIX Platform Whitepaper V2.0 Cover Page Mockup

Latest Milestone

  • Sigma Protocol Integration

    A new highly scalable zero-knowledge privacy protocol to be integrated into the Ghost Protocol.

  • Flare Wallet (DEX Manager) beta launch

    Help aid development towards the first third party dApp on the NIX network – Flare Wallet with DEX integrations.

  • Hardware Wallet LPoS Support

    Add LPoS contract management to Ledger/Trezor based wallets.

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