NIX Marketplace

The NIX Marketplace features independent merchants who offer NIX related products and services

Fully secure – LPoS is a trustless leased staking system allowing users to retain coin ownership.
Hassle free – receive an ongoing block reward subsidy without leaving your wallet open.
Stay in control – you receive the rewards instantly and may cancel a contract at any time.

Dacx' LPoS Service

Most Used LPoS Service

Service fee: 5%

With the most stable and robust server environment (four 8GB VPS with fallback), dacx provides a reliable and well-received LPoS staking service to the NIX ecosystem. 100% uptime and rapid deployment of all future update is guaranteed. With more than 950.000 NIX staked at any time, his service is also the most popular.
Also supports bech32 contracts!

Crypto Sharks

Full Service, Anon & Personalized

Service fee: 10%

Get more for your stakes by tracking your contracts from start to finish! Use the web interface from anywhere and be confident that your coins are at work. The best uptime with multiple redundant and geographically distributed servers for the ultimate prevention against downtime and orphaned stakes!

Simple & Reliable LPoS Service

Service fee: 10%

Lease your NIX to us to simplify and supercharge your staking. We use AWS Fargate to ensure auto failover and healing, guaranteeing 100% uptime. Our custom website allows you to generate personalized addresses. Get started today!


Managed LPoS Staking

Service Fee: 10%

NIX.LEASE gives a live dashboard overview of various KPIs from the NIX blockchain including NIX staking ROI and 'locked' staking percentage, along with our NIX Staking Calculator. Set up a contract with our no-nonsense reliable LPoS service and help support our site.

Cold-Staking Service

NIX Proof of Stake Leasing

Service fee: 5%

Earn NIX without keeping your wallet online. My cold-staking service is constant active and completely secure as no spenable balance or private keys shared. This allow us offline storage while increasing network and user security.

Beekers' Snailbarf

Leased Proof of Stake Service

Service fee: 5%

Maximum returns. Minimum fees. It's that simple.

Kreker's HashHard

Coolest LPoS Provider

Service fee: 4%

Lowest fees in the market. Coolest logo out there. It's enough!

T-shirts, hoodies, beanies, caps, phone cases, coffee mugs, mouse mats, stickers and more can be purchased in some incredible designs, payable using traditional means or with NIX via SwirlPay. Whatever NIX branded merchandise you’re after, our partners have you covered.

Built on Blockchain

NIX Platform Clothing Supplier


Crypto Apparel + More!

Ghostnode Hosting

Choose NodeHub for easy, fully managed masternode hosting. Pay with NIX.

Cold Storage

Whopper Cards are a fun, secure way to store your coins for cold storage, giveaways, presents.

VPS Services

Pay for your VPS services using NIX and other cryptocurrencies with Evolution Host.

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By becoming an LPoS service provider, offering NIX related services or accepting NIX as payment on your eCommerce store, you can have your website listed in the NIX Marketplace. Please submit the following form to request an addition.