NIX Platform Roadmap

Explore our milestones and roadmap of the future

Launch Mainnet - Completed on June 27, 2018

Deploy the NIX mainnet coupled with the Ghost Protocol and active Ghost Nodes.

PoS Consensus Model - Completed on September 12, 2018

Switch NIX's current consensus model from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake to satisfy network requirements.

Launch One Way Privacy: NIX Ghost Vault - Completed on September 12, 2018

Launch NIX Ghost Vault. A technology that provides privacy to either the sender or the receiver.

NIX 2-Way Ghosting with Commitment Key Packs - Completed on November 5, 2018.

Launch our breakthrough 2-Way Ghosting technology which enables full sender/receiver privacy in one transaction.

Launch NIX UI with Ghost Vault - November 6, 2018

Release user friendly and highly adaptable UI for consumer use / First utlization of the Ghost Protocol which allows for click and point transaction privacy adding to the ecosystem for Ghost Node Fees.

Processes to be streamlined

iOS mobile wallet - Q4 2018

Copay iOS wallets with basic transaction functions.

Android mobile wallet - Q4 2018

Copay Android wallets with basic transaction functions.

Delegated Staking, Q4 2018

Allows for a smart-contract delegation of coins.

Decentralized Off-Chain Governance - Q4 2018

An off-chain governance model that gives equal power to stakers and Ghost-Nodes.

Ghost Protocol integration into mobile wallets - Q1 2019

Add privacy tools to mobile copay wallets.

Dex Manager initial launch - Q1 2019 / Q2 2019

Develop and release NIX Platform Dex Manager v1.0 with Blocknet protocol layer and continue further DEX integrations.

After streamlined process

Sidechain development and research - Q2 / Q3 2019

Develop sidechain tools and resources on NIX mainnet.

Developer SDK - Q2 / Q3 2019

Couple smart contracts with Ghost Protocol mechanisms and offer tools for developers.