NIX Platform Roadmap

Explore our milestones and roadmap of the future

Launch Mainnet - Completed on June 27, 2018

Deploy the NIX mainnet coupled with the Ghost Protocol and active Ghost Nodes.

PoS Consensus Model - Completed on September 12, 2018

Switch NIX's current consensus model from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake to satisfy network requirements.

Launch One Way Privacy: NIX Ghost Vault - Completed on September 12, 2018

Launch NIX Ghost Vault. A technology that provides privacy to either the sender or the receiver.

NIX 2-Way Ghosting with Commitment Key Packs - Completed on November 5, 2018.

Launch our breakthrough 2-Way Ghosting technology which enables full sender/receiver privacy in one transaction.

Launch NIX UI with Ghost Vault - November 6, 2018

Release user friendly and highly adaptable UI for consumer use / First utlization of the Ghost Protocol which allows for click and point transaction privacy adding to the ecosystem for Ghost Node Fees.

Processes to be streamlined

Lease Proof of Stake Consensus Model, Completed Q4 2018

Allows for a smart-contract leasing of coins.

iOS mobile wallet - Q4 2018

SPV iOS wallets with basic transaction functions.

Android mobile wallet - Q4 2018

SPV Android wallets with basic transaction functions.

Decentralized Off-Chain Governance - Q1 2019

An off-chain governance model that gives equal power to stakers and Ghost-Nodes.

Ghost Protocol integration into mobile wallets - Q1 2019

Add privacy tools to mobile copay wallets.

Dex Manager initial launch - Q1 2019 / Q2 2019

Develop and release NIX Platform Dex Manager v1.0 with Blocknet protocol layer and continue further DEX integrations.

After streamlined process

Sidechain development and research - Q2 / Q3 2019

Develop sidechain tools and resources on NIX mainnet.

Developer SDK - Q2 / Q3 2019

Couple smart contracts with Ghost Protocol mechanisms and offer tools for developers.