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Released August 26 2020

NIX Bridge Outline v1.0

NIX bridge is described as an instant, secure, decentralized privacy protocol built for external interoperability within NIX. Its architecture initially connects to the Ethereum chain in order to provide full confidentiality for ERC20 token transactions, and later it will extend to other tokenized chains such as Polkadot, Cardano and Tezos, offering accessible privacy to any decentralized finance application.

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Released 26th February 2019

Off-Chain Governance

The NIX off-chain governance proposal will function as a supporting funding/decision model for all invested stakeholders who actively participate in the NIX ecosystem.

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nix governance proposal-2
nix governance proposal 1
NIX Platform Whitepaper V2.0 Page 2
NIX Platform Whitepaper V2.0 Cover Page
Updated September 2020

NIX Platform Litepaper v1.0

NIX aims to grant the means and resources that will empower people across the world to achieve independence in their social, economic, and global structure. These assets span from financial security and freedom to private data management and even social content autonomy.

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Released 29th October 2018

Commitment Key Pack Technical Paper

A proposal to expand on the isolated zero-knowledge scheme towards a commitment key pack solution, allowing for third parties to conduct direct zero-knowledge payments, resulting in address-less transactions.

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NIX Platform Commitment Key Packs V1.0 Page 2
NIX Platform Commitment Key Packs V1.0

NIX UI Wallet

The NIX UI wallet consists of a user-centered, secure and easy-to-use interface to privately store, send and receive NIX. Manage your transactions in a simple yet sophisticated way. Available from November 6th, 2018.