NIX Platform Ghostnodes

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NIX Platform Ghostnodes

NIX Ghostnodes are a fundamental part of the NIX protocol layer, delivering a dedicated network of masternodes with the primary purpose of processing Ghost Protocol transactions. All smart contract elements requiring autonomous privacy processing rely on the NIX Ghostnodes to fulfill those requests.

Configuring and maintaining a NIX Ghostnode is a completely decentralized process which requires users to send the 40,000 NIX collateral to a non-standard ‘G’ address within their own wallet. After completing the Ghostnode setup procedure the new masternode is consolidated into the NIX network, increasing the security and power for NIX Ghost Protocol transactions ensuring no bottleneck in the computing component of each privacy element.

Contributing to the NIX network in this way entails a running cost so in return each Ghostnode is compensated as follows:

1) Ghostnode Fee Pool – the 0.25% processing fees for Ghost Protocol privacy transactions are awarded to NIX Ghostnodes. From block 115,921 these fees are distributed equally (via smart contract consensus) to all active Ghostnodes on each 720 block/~24hr cycle.
2) Block rewards – NIX Ghostnodes earn a share of block rewards. You can learn more about the block reward ratio and inflation schedule on the link below.
NIX Platform Explains Ghostnodes